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Thinking of getting an air conditioning unit installed or replaced at your home or business? Air Check Mechanical Service is your the best choice for the job! We specialize in premium air conditioning system installations which includes the XV line, replete with high SEER ratings and impressive cooling performance. As air conditioning specialists, we cater to all your comfort needs with our top-of-the-line professional service and an impressive selection of first-class products, from mini-splits to package units to central air systems.

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We’re committed to helping you enjoy the benefits of refreshing and cool comfort; be it in your business or your home, through our extensive expertise and experience. We have years of experience not only in installing AC systems and units but in AC repair as well.

Part of our wide array of services also includes properly sealing your ducts as well as installing correct and efficient ductwork. We are your dependable HVAC provider, so whether you’re planning on a project or need somebody to assist you with an emergency AC repair, we’re the name to call!

Professional AC Installation Has Its Advantages

It’s hard to go wrong when you get your air conditioning system fitted by the pros. Our team of expert air conditioning contractors is well trained and proud of their years of experience in the industry. They will work with you to ensure that they can recommend the most ideal units and systems for the kind of space you have and the specific purposes you intend to use it for.

Whether you’re better off with a central or a ductless mini-split AC system, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits when tapping us for the installation process. Among these are:

  • Superb temperature control
  • Improved air quality
  • Enhanced air circulation
  • Healthier environment indoors
  • Reduced humidity
  • Enhanced property value

If you’re wondering whether you read the last benefit right, yes you did! Investing in a central air conditioning system isn’t just going to benefit you as far as improving your quality of living. It will also increase the value of your property— something that you can greatly capitalize on if you have plans of putting it on the market in the future.

You’ll be delighted to know that we do more than just air conditioning installation. If you have an old and less than efficient AC system that you’re planning on getting replaced, we’d be more than happy to take on the job! Over the years that we have been in the HVAC business, we have learned that the best way to deliver results that more than meet our customers’ expectations is to get things tailored to fit to their specific spaces and needs.

Warranties And Guarantees for Air Conditioning Installation

We’re confident in the skills and the workmanship of our installation team which is why every installation service we offer comes with a one year warranty with the ability to purchase a longer plan if you would like. This is protection you can depend on which gets you covered in the event that you experience problems and other issues with the installation.

Our goal is to leave you 100% satisfied, which is why if there is anything with the installation that you aren’t happy with, we’ll be more than happy to address it at no additional costs for you.

Just reach out to us via email or phone to learn more about the myriad of options available for your AC installation needs. To ensure your peace of mind, you also have the option to be part of our maintenance program. With us looking after your AC system on the regular, you’ll be extending its life for many years to come while also keeping it in its optimal state in the process.

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Give us a call and talk to one of our expert air conditioner installers. We will be more than happy to discuss with you the things you should consider when choosing a new air conditioning system. We’ll be happy to look into your plans of replacing your old system so we can recommend the most compatible options for you.

Experience why we are the top recommended air conditioning installation provider in South Houston. When quality service, decades-long experience, brand-name equipment and precision workmanship are what you’re looking for, you’ll never go wrong by choosing us. Call us now!

We offer competitive pricing, financing options and 100% customer satisfaction. For a FREE estimate, call or text (832) 935-5663 or use our online form . Same-day repairs are available as long as we have the parts.