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Air Conditioning Repair You Can Rely On

Your AC unit plays a crucial role in keeping your home or your business cool during the scorching, humid summer months in Houston. Needless to say, it is best to leave your AC unit’s care, maintenance, servicing and repair in the hands of the HVAC experts. We have been in the AC repair business for over 15 years and our long track record makes us the top choice for all your central and split air conditioning repair needs.

A recent AC repair in Pearland, TX

Our services don’t stop there. As South Houston’s most reliable HVAC provider, we will be more than happy to extend top-notch air conditioner and heat pump installation, AC replacement and maintenance, air handler repairs, quality water heater repairs, and reliable furnace repairs. We also offer indoor air quality products that ensure your indoor air is clean, fresh and easy to breathe. We’re geared and ready to handle all your air conditioner and heating system troubles and our team of experienced AC experts will get your HVAC system up and running efficiently again in no time.

Don’t Let The Heat Bring You Down

Why tough it out when the heat is becoming unbearable? Quality workmanship is our commitment and there is no better Houston air conditioning company than Air Check Mechanical Services to handle your AC repairs when fast results and quality service are your focus. If you need help getting cold air back into your home immediately, do not hesitate to call us for emergency services even after regular business hours, 24 hours per day. Our HVAC experts will be at your door as quickly as possible in order to keep your home cool and get your AC unit up and running.

Over the life of your central air conditioning system, a lot can go wrong, including air handler issues, refrigerant leaks, broken condensate drain lines, compressor failure, attic insulation problems and air duct issues. To avoid problems with your air conditioner or heating system, it’s always good to ask yourself, “when was the last time an AC service did an inspection”? If the answer is longer than a year, or if you can’t recall the last time a Houston air conditioning professional inspected your air conditioner installation, call us today! We have seen a lot of air conditioners, and our licensed technicians are well equipped to diagnose and fix any problem that is limiting the cool air you’ve come to expect during periods of intense Texas heat.

There is never a need to suffer with an air conditioning system that blows hot air – we’ll quickly repair your ac unit and get you back into a climate controlled zone, and then recommend your best options to ensure your air conditioning system lasts!

Dependable AC Services In South Houston

Your AC system requires regular maintenance and looking after if you want it blasting cool air when you need it the most. Thankfully, our air conditioning services will ensure you can keep your home cool all year long.

Make us your quick call for your air conditioning maintenance and repair needs and we’ll be right there to sort things out! We have the knowledge and expertise to handle both split and central AC units and we’re your best bet at keeping them in their optimal shape for many years to come.

The Quality Approach To Fix Your Central Air Conditioner

Avoid the risk of running into shoddy AC repair contractors by hiring only the best. We are committed to delivering not only thorough service but also long-lasting results, lower energy bills and the additional benefits that come with a well maintained air conditioning / heating system. Why call the other air conditioning services when you can call one of the best services in Houston TX? Give us a call today and you can trust that we will get your HVAC unit back online, and running strong!

Don’t Wait For A Breakdown

Don’t wait too long to reach out to us in getting your AC system repaired and serviced. Once your AC system reaches the ten year mark, its reliability begins to lapse. The sooner you get your air conditioners seen by us, the more prepared you will be to take on the hot months ahead. Don’t risk a malfunctioning Air Conditioning system right in the middle of the summer.

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your system will function in its optimal state by getting it seen by the experts at Air Check. With our prompt and professional AC repair service, you’ll save loads on potentially costly future repairs by having us check your system today long before your minor AC issues escalate into more serious concerns.

Our team of AC experts is trained and experienced to assist you with any AC repair no matter how simple or complex it is. Give us a call today so our AC repair specialists can assist you with:

  • AC system not cooling at all
  • Insufficient cooling
  • System over-cycling
  • Evaporator coil problems
  • Air circulation failure
  • Leaky units
  • Weird noises
  • And lots more!

AC Repair Service Maintenance Contracts

If you’re keen on avoiding those major AC repairs that are likely going to be expensive to fix, proactively addressing these issues is always the way to go. Most Houston Texas air conditioning systems and air handlers run continually for months at a time, so even a slight issue can get expensive quickly. We offer maintenance service contracts that ensure that your AC system, including air handler, is always performing at its best, no matter the time of the year.

A maintenance agreement helps take away the stress of having to schedule an AC service appointment every time you need your AC system to get looked into. There is never a need to remind yourself when your scheduled maintenance and servicing is, which ensures that you will never miss an essential repair. You will be added to our list and we will give you a heads up when your system is due for servicing. With this, you save trouble, time, money and gain several additional benefits if you become one of our regulars with our maintenance contract. Call us today to learn more!

When reliable air conditioning repairs are what you’re looking for, there’s no reason to compromise the comfort of your home or your business in the summer heat. Get in touch with us today to set an appointment with one of our licensed, insured and bonded professionals. We’ll even be more than happy to assist you with emergency air conditioning repairs.

Reliable Air Conditioning Repair

Our repair services are designed to ensure that your cooling unit remains in its functional and reliable state for the long term. Bringing us in when you need help with your air conditioning system ensures that only the right procedures are utilized and that the right replacement parts are installed. With this, you can trust that your system will be back on its feet in no time and for many years to come. Learn more about how our specialists can help you with your AC repair needs. Call us today!

We offer competitive pricing, air conditioning installation financing options and 100% customer satisfaction to all our Houston, Texas customers. For a FREE estimate, call or text (832) 935-5663 or use our online form . Same-day repairs are available as long as we have the parts.