Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air – A Troubleshooting Guide

AC Not Working

When you’ve spent your day under the sweltering heat, you’d certainly look forward to finally cooling down when you get home. Imagine your frustration when you turn the AC on, and your Air Conditioner is not blowing the cold air you’re used to?

What’s even worse is the fact that if you have no idea how your AC works, you’ll have no idea what’s causing the problem. Diagnosing why your AC is not blowing cold air the way it’s supposed to is always next to impossible when you’re not an expert. This is mainly due to because there can be a slew of reasons that our air conditioner is malfunctioning. Whether your unit seems to be gushing out warm air or just refuses to turn on, we’ve compiled some of the most common reasons why it is doing that and what steps you can take to address the problem.

Why Is My AC Not Cool Enough?

When it comes to AC problems, it’s crucial to address the problem as soon as possible. You wouldn’t want to wait until the problem has escalated, which can lead to costly repairs or worse, a unit damaged beyond repair.

Among the most common reasons that air conditioners are blowing warm air are:

  •  Badly set up or faulty thermostat
  •  Power issues
  •  Ice buildup
  •  Clogged or blocked filters
  •  Dirty compressor
  •  Low-level or leaking refrigerant

Preventing any of these problems means making sure that your air conditioning unit gets at least a proper checkup done by an HVAC contractor once a year. This helps uncover any potential issues your unit may be experiencing and addresses them before they exacerbate into some more expensive to fix.

Steps To Take When AC Is Not Cooling

As a complex device, AC units are made up of a whole bunch of moving parts. This means that identifying which of these parts may be causing a problem can be tedious and even downright impossible if you’re not an expert to begin with. Without the right tools and knowledge, troubleshooting the issue on your own can be tough.

Still, there are problems that you may be able to resolve on your own. Among these are:

  •  The thermostat may have been set to “ON” and not on “AUTO”. This causes the fan to keep running at all times, even when the unit isn’t cooling the air.
  •  Clogged air filters. Dirt and dust can clog the filters. Depending on your air conditioner unit, you may need to take out the filters either to replace or wash them.
  •  Dirty or clogged-out unit. The exterior part of your air conditioner, the condenser can get dirty over time. It may get crowded with debris as well. If it is, see if giving it a good clean will help the situation.
  •  Obstruction to the inside unit may cause this problem as well. For instance, there may be a piece of furniture that is positioned way too close to the inside vents. As a result, it may be preventing the system from blowing cool air properly.

 That being said, there are problems that only a trained and experienced HVAC technician can address. These are:

  •  Condenser fan motor that is broken or faulty. This may be preventing the exterior AC unit from dissipating any of the heat.
  •  Your AC refrigerant levels are low. There’s also a good chance your refrigerant is leaking.
  •  Damaged compressor. This prevents the proper circulation of the refrigerant from the interior to the exterior unit.
  •  Improperly installed or damaged ductwork. This prevents the Ac from efficiently circulating air.

Calling The Air Conditioning Experts

Staying at home during those hot summer days will be more bearable when you have an efficiently working AC system. Keeping it properly maintained is crucial to this. Always choose an experienced HVAC professional for your AC maintenance needs. With the right HVAC technician on call, keeping your home cool and comfortable all year round will be easy.

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