Replacing Your Central Air Conditioning: Important Considerations

AC Replacement

Yes, it is true that an HVAC system, specifically your central air conditioning system, is one of the costliest appliances available for your home. But then, it is also essential, so we can’t really complain nor just disregard it completely for the sake of savings. We would not want to freeze in the winter or suffer from a heat stroke in the summer, would we? Investing in an HVAC system is more or less a must in Houston. Being an essential part of our homes, we cannot also afford to take shortcuts or settle when looking for replacement AC systems or when trying to maintain our current air conditioning system. We certainly do not want to save a few dollars now only to have a faulty and easily damaged system. Our stinginess when it comes to HVAC systems can come back at us and make us suffer in the long run.

As HVAC systems are essential yet very expensive, we as homeowners need to educate ourselves so as to avoid getting ripped off by cheap systems and unprofessional and unscrupulous AC service contractors. Here are some ways to save wisely but not getting scammed when it comes to HVAC systems.

Due diligence is the key.

As a homeowner who probably is more interested in baking, discovering your shy green thumb or getting updated with the latest season of The Bachelor, home furnace or air conditioning systems are not exactly the most awe-inspiring or fascinating topics you may have to be knowledgeable of. But then, as you need to avoid getting overcharged or having the wrong size or type of HVAC unit installed in your home, you should have at least basic know-how about HVAC systems. Try to check with friends, family, or neighbors who live in similar environments as you as to which air conditioner brands have worked for them. The Internet is also your best friend, as there are a plethora of reviews of HVAC brands and local AC replacement and maintenance companies, so you will have more info as to which of them are highly recommended and which have failed many customers.

There are a few fuel options for powering your furnace. While it is usually most convenient to replace your system with the same type that you already have, it doesn’t hurt to know what other types of furnaces are out there.

Referrals are great.

While we are on the topic of asking for a bit of help from friends, family, and neighbors, you may ask them for names of AC maintenance companies they have worked with in the past and which of them they are very happy with. Also, ask them (especially neighbors and those who live in the same city or town as you) if they have had experience with shady companies, so you can avoid them. If you are looking into replacing your furnace or AC unit, you may also ask them about their setup, price, efficiency, warranty, size, and the dimensions of their homes and compare these things with yours, as you may find someone who has similar arrangements as yours.

A reputable air conditioning contractor will have no hesitation to answer these and any other questions you have when you are seeking an air conditioning estimate. In addition, the company should be happy to furnish references from other homeowners they have serviced within your immediate area.

Be fair when comparing HVAC service providers.

The thing about AC repair companies is that some of them may pull classic bait and switch methods on you. Like they will quote you with a very low price, and once you say yes to them, that’s when they inform you that the price they provided only covers A and B, as compared to the competition that provided you with a higher rate because they cover service A, B, C, D, and E. Double-check with all the AC maintenance companies you are considering for their rates for the provision of all services you need, for example, from service A to E. The more they are detailed with how they change for each specific service, the more you will be informed and not duped into something you thought would be included but ended up as excluded.

Energy efficiency affects both the cost of running the furnace and the amount of fuel actually utilized to heat the home. Efficiency ratings vary by model, so it’s vital to compare actual efficiency ratings for the models and brands you are considering. Be aware that efficiency ratings can be misleading.

Of course, if you’re looking for an AC service companies that does not have hidden charges, give us a call now. We’re here to help!

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