Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Replacement

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Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Replacement

Modern air conditioners are truly life-changing. Reliable and efficient, they make a huge difference in making homes more comfortable in the sweltering heat of the summer and all year round. What’s even better is the fact that running one these days would cost you far less than what it would to decades or so ago.

AC replacement needed!

Still, one has to consider the fact that despite how efficiently made they are, they are just machines and there will come a point when they will fail. There’s just no exception to that. Normal wear and tear as well as the buildup of dirt within these machines can cause them to malfunction. It doesn’t even matter if the AC install is of the absolute best quality. In virtually all cases, a central air conditioner can become inefficient and will reach a point where it will no longer be as functional.

Eventually, you’ll have to replace them but how do you tell when it is time? What signs should you be looking out for that can tell you when it is time to get your AC replaced? How much would it cost to get a new unit? Below, we try to answer all your questions, so you know exactly what to expect when replacing your old AC.

Signs your AC is failing

Dara from the Department of Energy reveals that on average, a central air conditioning unit can last between 10 and 15 years. This is assuming that they are getting proper servicing and maintenance at least once a year and they’re also prepared effectively for the changing seasons.

If your AC has been around for 15 years, you may want to consider replacing it despite the fact that it isn’t malfunctioning. This is because you will get more benefit out of the newer models since they come with better features. They are also meant to be more energy efficient even in winter.

Below are signs that your AC needs to be replaced:

  1. Your current unit still uses R-22 freon

Freon production has been phased out by the federal authorities back in 2020. While it is still possible to add this refrigerant to your unit when necessary, the price tag that it will involve is just going to be too hefty. It is totally not necessary when you can just opt for a more cost-effective option by switching to a better newer and more modern cooling system.

  1. Your unit breaks down constantly

Just like old cars, your old AC is likely to malfunction more frequently. This means needing more frequent repairs which is not only inconvenient for you, but it will cost you money every time too. If our old Ac has reached this stage, then it is a better idea to have it replaced with a better model. Our wallet is going to thank you with how much you will eventually end up saving.

  1. The AC isn’t functioning properly

If your air conditioner is no longer able to keep your place warm or cool, depending on how you need it to function, then there really is no point in keeping it around. If your home is no longer as comfortably cool as it used to be every time you turn the AC on, there’s a good chance that your unit is leaking refrigerant or there is faulty wiring. You do have the option to call an expert HVAC technician to check the unit and they will be the one to tell you whether the issue is still repairable or you’re better off replacing it.

  1. Moisture is coming out of your AC

Condensation around your indoor unit is normal. But if you’re starting to see water stains along your walls or there is a puddle of water on the floor under the unit, then there’s a very good chance that you have a faulty condensate line. This is usually fixable by an HVAC technician but may not always be the case. In the event that the technician can’t fix it, then getting and fitting in a new AC is the solution.

  1. Unusual or bad smell

Indoor AC units shouldn’t give off any weird, unpleasant smells. If your old AC is starting to give off a weird smell, there is a very good chance that there may be a more serious underlying issue that is causing it. Potentially, this might mean very expensive repairs where you’ll be better off replacing it with a new unit instead.

Don’t wait until your AC has fully malfunctioned before doing anything. Call an HVAC technician when you experience any of these signs. They will be able to recommend to you what the best course of action is so you can decide whether or not it is high time you should replace your system.

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