Spring Cooling Tips To Keep Your Home’S Energy Costs Down

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Having an air conditioner to rely on when the weather gets unbearably hot is always reassuring. However, those appliances are known for also causing a ruckus when it comes to your energy consumption. This is why keeping your AC in tiptop shape is essential, so it will not only keep you cozy come the summer months but also keep your energy consumption down as well. Like it or not, an older air conditioning installation is nowhere near as efficient as a new one, and ensuring it works at its best will save you more money than you might think.

Luckily, there are things you can do so keeping the AC on doesn’t have to mean hefty monthly energy bills. Read on as we tell you more about how you can keep your energy consumption down.

Indoor and outdoor temperature shouldn’t differ too much

It’s not only your body that will get shocked over the massive difference between the temperatures outside and the levels inside your home. Not only that, keeping your AC in this setting is going to give you another shock as well— that unpleasant feeling you feel when you look at the next month’s electricity bill and all you see are ridiculously high figures.

You’ll want to keep optimum temperature levels indoors. To do that, you need to set the thermostat at a much higher number than you’d prefer, especially when you’re not at home. This will still keep the comfort level but at the same time, not have as much devastating effect on your wallet when the electricity bill needs to be paid.

Open the windows at night

While you’d certainly want the windows closed during the day, as temperatures drop at night, it would be a good idea to leave them open. Not only are you able to cool things down inside, you’re also allowing fresh air to circulate through. That’s certainly much better than breathing the stale air indoors. Just make sure to cover the windows again in the morning to avoid letting the hot air in.

Make the most use of your fans

Sure, fans can be a bit retro but they do come in handy. You’ll appreciate having a good old ceiling fan, especially in the hot months. The cooling effect they provide is just going to be much-appreciated comfort on hot days.  Do make it a point though to turn them off when you’re not in the room.

If you have a bathroom fan, then make the most use of it, especially during the warmer months. Make sure to turn it on after you have had a shower as it will prevent the temperatures from rising by driving the heat away.

Regular HVAC maintenance is crucial

Keep your AC maintained regularly by the right professionals. Regular servicing is the best and only way to ensure that they are running at their optimal levels. Frequent vacuuming can be a lifesaver against dust and dirt buildup. Make sure that furniture and appliances are away from the thermostat. This is especially true if they emit heat as putting them close to the AC will cause your cooling system to work harder, which will only stress it in the process. Try to be more prudent when it comes to using appliances that produce heat.

Keeping your AC system in its best working state requires regular maintenance by HVAC experts. Look for professionals that have the experience, skills, and training to do things right. Choose somebody that has been around for a while and has the reviews and track record to show that he is indeed capable of keeping your AC working effectively and your energy consumption reasonable.

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