Why Regular HVAC Maintenance Makes Perfect Sense

HVAC Maintenance

Having your HVAC system maintained regularly is something very important to its health, not to mention your budget. If you have a regular HVAC maintenance program, you will definitely be assured that your system can serve you for a longer period of time, which you, as a homeowner, should be thankful for. This will lead to savings, because you won’t have to keep on hiring professionals and paying them so often because they will need to repair something from your unit that is often out of order. Better, you will be saving thousands of dollars as you won’t have to keep on buying a replacement for your HVAC system that has been frustrating you. Ensuring this maintenance is being performed regularly will ensure that your system is clean, lubricated, and ready for heavy use come the summer and winter months.

Besides, having your HVAC system regularly maintained will also save you from the hassle of having to call a professional HVAC repair service at the same time as all other households would also need them. Act now and save yourself the hassle. Wondering what is entailed in HVAC system maintenance? Here are four areas, some of which you may even perform a DIY:

The air filter is one of the hardest working parts of your HVAC system. Thus, they need to be changed or cleaned regularly. This change may be quite easy, but doing so is a simple yet very important way to improve the quality of the air you receive from your HVAC system, not to mention increase its efficiency. Having HVAC repair professional may not yet be necessary for this single task as you can easily perform this by yourself. All you need to do is purchase a new filter that would be compatible with your current system and do the replacement. You will need to do an air filter check monthly during the peak season of your AC’s use, which obviously would be the summer months of June July, and August. If the filters are already showing a lot of wear, you can already change it or have it cleaned.

No other factor affects the performance and efficiency of your air conditioning system as much as a dirty or a clogged filter. A dirty filter can impede the air flow of your system. When the air filter is clogged with dust, dirt and grime, your furnace and air conditioner have to work twice as hard to move air through your home. This will drive up your energy bills, increase your carbon footprint and drain you of your budget.
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Do a duct inspection.

Another important step in HVAC system maintenance is ensuring that your unit’s ducts are intact and do not have leaks or tears. A tear-less and leak-free duct network will make your HVAC system perform more efficiently, as it will make your home cooler with better quality air. You need to remember that while your filter may be your system’s first line of defense in cleaning the air, it can’t really block 100% of airborne materials. Some of these particles may even travel to your ducts and stay there. Thus, it is important that these ducts need to be cleaned and inspected for any tears and leaks. Larger ducts may even become a breeding ground for insects, especially when the system is not in use. Here, you will read why duct inspection is not only important for maintaining your AC but is considered best practice for home maintenance in general.

If there are areas in your home where ducts are visible (usually in the basement or attic), these should be inspected next. Check the insulation surrounding the ducts for any damage including torn pieces, damp spots, or mold.
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Get that programmable thermostat.
If your HVAC system does not have a programmable thermostat included yet, well, you are definitely in the minority. So yes, it is a great idea to have one replace your manual thermostat before the summer months. A programmable thermostat provides you more control of the indoor temperature of your house. Moreover, you can experience lower energy consumption because you can set your system to work less depending on the weather and in times when you may not be in your house. Consider it an investment for this upgrade to happen in spring so that you can reap the benefits when summer comes.

Are you willing to sacrifice a certain level of comfort for savings? If so, consider using a programmable thermostat to automatically reduce the load on your HVAC system during those hours of the day when you’re willing to sacrifice some comfort.
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Talk to your HVAC system maintenance ASAP.
As an old adage goes, prevention is better than cure. Preventive care of your HVAC system will help you point out issues your unit may have as early as possible before they become worse or unrepairable. Besides, Why wait for your system to conk out, when everybody else will also require the services of HVAC professionals when you can leisurely call them now? In the usual case every year, the services of HVAC repair pros get mostly in demand during the summer and winter months, when these HVAC systems give up due to strain when they are stretched in their functions. Thus, if you want to save money on energy costs and overpriced professional services (as dictated by the basic economic law of supply and demand, professional HVAC services will obviously raise their rates during the period of the year when their services are most in-demand), then make sure to have your HVAC system checked during the “slow” seasons of spring and fall.

HVAC services have the experience and know-how to get the job done right the first time around. They know how to safely approach each issue in order to protect themselves and your home.
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We’re here to help you with ensuring your HVAC system is in tiptop shape to serve you for years.

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