Eliminating The Pollutants You Have In Your Home

Clean Coils

Not all pollutants can be easily detected by the average homeowner simply by walking around the house and looking for them. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside your home can be between 2 and 5 times more polluted than the air outside, which is a shocking realization for a lot of people who assume their air is as fresh as daisies. Continue to protect your family’s safety and put your health first by actively acknowledging the presence of pollutants in your home and eliminating them using these helpful tips. Also, consider AC maintenance services from Air Check Mechanical Service to ensure your house is both clean AND comfortable!


As your front door opens and closes repeatedly throughout the day, one thing becomes increasingly apparent in your home: dirt. As you and your guests enter and exit your home, dirt can very easily be tracked throughout the space, contributing to the buildup of pollutants in your environment. The most effective method of reducing the amount of dirt on your floor is to vacuum, sweep, and mop it on a regular basis on tile, wood, and carpeted areas of your home. So develop a monthly cleaning schedule, and stick with it. Consider placing a shoe rack near the entrance of your home to prevent a sloppy mess from being tracked throughout your house.


The kitchen, with its wet surfaces and food preparation stations, is a breeding ground for bacteria that can easily become airborne pollutants. Your common kitchen sponge, meanwhile is a bacteria magnet, but microwaving it for a minute in an inch of water for a minute can kill any bacteria that have managed to survive. If you have a dish cloth, simply washing it might not do the trick – instead, leave it in a bleach/water mix that is about 1 part bleach, 1 part water for an hour, and squeeze out and resoak in the interim. Wipe down and eliminate bacteria on your surfaces by diluting three tablespoons of bleach in three gallons of water.


Mold thrives in the bathroom because it is a naturally damp and moist environment, which mold obviously loves and thrives in. By spraying vinegar on surfaces on a regular basis, you can keep this unwanted house guest from taking over. Allowing it to dry naturally will kill mold spores and prevent mold growth. Remember to turn on your bathroom exhaust fan while you are showering in order to ensure adequate ventilation in your bathroom.

Pets Or Animals With Dander

Just living with humans can make for a hairy mess, but adding pets to the mix supercharges the issue. Along with allergies many folks have to pet dander, pet hair is just messy and can make your home look dumpy very quickly if not kept up with. If you have a dog or a cat, try to vacuum at least once per week to better manage the situation. Meanwhile, ensure you are changing your HVAC filter at least once per month. Pet owners tend to have quickly clogging air filters, and these need to be changed often if you want to ensure your home’s air conditioning stays strong and your air quality remains high.


Finally, dust will coat the surfaces and walls of your home, causing one of the underlying causes of allergies. You don’t have to be a prodigious duster to realize this. Put your family’s health first by thoroughly dusting furniture and shelves from top to bottom, wiping down countertops and electronics on a regular basis, and washing your hands frequently. Reduce the amount of dust in your home by washing your linens and curtains, vacuuming your floors, and even your mattress on a regular basis. –

It’s frightening to think that some people would rather avoid than take responsibility for cleaning up the unwanted pollutants in their home. Get in touch with the Air Check Mechanical Service team if you are ready to take your Indoor Air Quality to the next level to keep your family safe and healthy. We have the IAQ knowledge and equipment to go deeper into improving the air quality in your home.